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When you need to make an appearance in court, you need an attorney you can trust. Attorney Dante R. Gallucci of Fairfield, Connecticut, offers responsible and reliable criminal defense and civil litigation services.

Criminal Defense

As a criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Gallucci has represented more than 3,000 criminal and juvenile defendants. He has also served as trial counsel in 67 felony trials, including 17 murders, two of which were capital felony/death penalty cases, both resulting in acquittals. He has also represented clients and appeared numerous times before the appellate and supreme courts, and prosecuted a number of claims before the habeas corpus courts.

Civil Litigation

As a civil litigator in personal injury, family, and other civil matters, Attorney Gallucci has handled more than 1,000 such cases on behalf of clients throughout Connecticut, including a jury verdict of $1.15 million dollars. He has assisted in countless types of cases, such as contract actions and commercial litigation.

Attorney Gallucci - Criminal Defense

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